Why a Women’s College?

Women’s Colleges Offer Tangible Benefits

Graduates of women’s colleges:

  • Are twice as likely to go on to medical school
  • Are twice as likely to earn a Ph.D.
  • Comprise 30% of BusinessWeek‘s list of rising women stars
  • Make up close to 20% of female members of Congress

Students at women’s colleges:

  • Are more likely to engage in higher order thinking activities and integrative activities that lead to deep learning
  • Report greater gains in understanding themselves and others, ability to analyze quantitative problems, and desire to contribute to the welfare of their community
  • Are twice as likely to have held a leadership position in college
  • Report significantly more experiences with diversity

Here’s a startling fact: most Scripps students weren’t originally seeking a women’s college. But once they visited Scripps, they saw the real advantages: students take their education seriously, women support each other, and the atmosphere is one of encouragement and high expectations, not cutthroat competition. A women’s college is an excellent place to develop your leadership skills. There are many opportunities for women to lead, and many excellent examples to look to: your student body president, peer mentor, resident advisor, and manager at the Motley Coffeehouse are all women. With so many women leaders, you can find your own style and voice among them.

Founded by a Woman Suffragist

At the spry age of 90, Ellen Browning Scripps felt the time was right to found a college exclusively for women and spoke of it as her “new adventure.” Women had won the right to vote a few years earlier and the population in southern California was growing by leaps and bounds.

Miss Scripps founded our college in 1926, setting down this vision: “The paramount obligation of a college is to develop in its students the ability to think clearly and independently, and the ability to live confidently, courageously, and hopefully.”

While much at Scripps College has changed over the years, Ellen Browning Scripps’ adventurous spirit and her belief in personal possibility still define the College’s commitment to educating women for professional careers and lifelong intellectual growth. We take her founding words seriously, offering a college experience that places women at the heart of our mission.