Study Abroad

Are you excited to study psychology in Denmark, conservation in Ecuador, art history in Italy, or anthropology in India? Or perhaps you want to try your hand at politics with an internship in Washington, D.C.?

The Scripps Off-Campus Study program offers more than 100 different opportunities — both international and domestic — to study in over 40 countries around the world. Programs range from being part of a small group of Americans studying together to enrolling directly in a foreign university. Some students participate in home stays while others live in student apartments or flats. Many programs include field trips or volunteer excursions, and weekend travel is definitely encouraged.

Off-Campus Study Encouraged

Approximately two-thirds of Scripps students participate in off-campus study, usually through one of our pre-approved programs. Foreign study offers multiple academic, language, and personal benefits; choosing a domestic program can also provide unique professional and research experiences. The most common time to study away is for one semester during junior year, and some Scripps students begin planning  as early as their first year here.

The cost for a Scripps education is the same, whether a student stays on campus or studies off campus. Students pay Scripps tuition, room, and board regardless of study site or program costs; this comprehensive cost covers program fees, room, board, orientation workshops, International Student Identity Card, fieldtrips, and a round-trip airfare stipend. And, as long as you apply through Scripps Off-Campus Study and enroll full time in an approved program, you remain eligible for financial aid.

Scripps Students Around the World

The Off-Campus Study website offers more information about the programs available. Scripps students work closely with the Off-Campus Study staff and their faculty adviser to identify the program that best fits their academic and personal needs.

You can follow Scripps students who are studying away as they write about their experiences on the Scripps Students Around the World blog!