Senior Interviewers

Our senior interviewers are excited to meet you to talk about your experiences and answer your questions about what it’s like to be a student at Scripps. Learn more about each of our interviewers below.

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Summer Dowd-Lukesh ’14 – Senior Interviewer

Summer is a senior from Rancho Cucamonga, CA, dual majoring in Politics & International Relations and French Studies. She spent her junior year abroad in Paris, where she studied at L’Institute des Études Politiques (Sciences Po), ate a lot of pain au chocolat and tried to pick up French slang. After a wonderful year in the City of Lights, she returned to spend her summer studying for the LSATs and interning at the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office. On campus, she works for the Scripps College Academy, a college prep program for underserved young women in LA-area high schools, writes for the 5C progressive magazine the Claremont Port Side and for ChoiceUSA, contributes to both Pomona’s and Scripps’ campus newspapers, serves on the Board of Trustees for Educational Policy, and is an active member of the Claremont College Democrats. In the past, she has also worked for the Scripps College Annual Fund, contributed to the Public Affairs program for KSPC (the 5C radio station), and served as Student Manager at the Pomona Coop Fountain. Any free time she has is spent playing her music too loudly, listening to podcasts or public radio, and trying to convince her younger sister to consider a women’s college.

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Marie Angeles’14 – Senior Interviewer

Marie is a senior from Seattle, WA, dual majoring in English and Philosophy. Last spring Marie studied in London and traveled around the UK, to Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and France. Although the UK shares the same language, Marie learned firsthand by tutoring high schools students that Americans have a different understanding of what words mean or even sound like. Marie prioritizes playing an active role in the Scripps community and has been a research assistant, an intern at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, President of her Hall Council, a peer advocate, a mentor with Black Student Affairs, a peer mentor with the New Student program, and a Scripps College Academy summer facilitator. This year, Marie will be an Alumnae and Faculty Relations Chair for Wanawake Weusi and a team leader for the New Student Program. She will continue her participation with Scripps College Academy and the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company so that she can spend time doing what she loves most at Scripps: blues dancing till morning, salsa dancing on the weekends, and mentoring students. Marie will also be studying for the LSATs and applying to law school to study public interest law with a focus on education, inspired by her work with Scripps College Academy.

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Sanggeet Manirajah ’14 – Senior Interviewer

Sanggeet is a senior majoring in Politics and International Relations with a minor in Spanish. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she left home after high school to attend the United World College Costa Rica, where she spent two years with 150 students from 65 different countries. There, she solidified her interests in intercultural understanding, sustainable development and building community through education, while her love for the Spanish language and salsa dancing was inspired. At Scripps, she has pursued these interests further, in ways she never imagined: she was awarded the Keep Summer Internship Grant to work with Bamdese, a community organization in grassroots educational development in Larabanga, a Northern Ghanian village; she worked with the Scripps College Academy as a Facilitator; and she spent her junior year abroad in Spain and India where she fell even more in love with Spanish and studied approaches to sustainable development and social change in an emerging economy. On campus, she divides her time between dancing to the beats of Bollywood and traditional Indian music with the Claremont Colleges Bollywood Dance Team; sipping on iced-tea in Seal Court with a book in hand or in the presence of good company; and organizing events in conjunction with International Place.

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Emery Lieberman ’14 - Senior Interviewer

Emery is a senior dual-majoring in International and Intercultural Studies (through Pitzer College) and South Asian Studies. Originally from Portland, OR, she spent her teenage years in Staten Island, NY. By a stroke of fate, her mother accepted a job near Claremont, so now Emery enjoys family Shabbat dinners, raiding the refrigerator, and utilizing the laundry machine a few blocks from campus. After taking “Mobs, Crowds and Citizens: Mass Mobilizations in India” her first year, Emery was hooked on South Asian history and politics. Her major encapsulates South Asian religious studies, politics, international relations, history and literature. Last spring, she applied her learning in Jaipur, Rajasthan with a program concentrated on sustainable development and social change. She enjoyed an incredible family homestay and traveled around North India studying different NGOs and local grassroots movements. After the program, Emery traveled throughout South Asia and worked at an organization focused on traditional knowledge conservation in Himachal Pradesh. On campus, Emery’s semesters have been shaped by a variety of classes across the Claremont Consortium and her work in the Office of Admission. She is reminded daily of the power of Scripps when she is challenged intellectually by her passionate peers inside and outside the classroom.